The Pensacola Cinema Art Theatre

at THE STUDER/SCI Building is

located at 220 West Garden Street

in Downtown Pensacola.

$10 cash donation for all films.

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The STUDER will be:

"Joan Baez I Am A Noise"
(Folk music icon Joan Baez, who’s now 82, came of age just as musicians’ live gigs were often recorded and thereby preserved for the record. An up-close, intimate and mostly frank account of a career that arched across more than 60 years of musical and political expression while countless trends came and went, this elaborate documentary navigates through the professional and the personal aspects of a very full life, one marked by far more good fortune than bad. Whether you’ve followed her career for decades or are just now discovering her, the life under scrutiny is undeniably impressive

and ceaselessly engaging.)

1 hr, 53 min.

October 27 28 at 1:00 pm

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Singer/songwriter/businessman Jimmy Buffett, who passed away on September 1st, was born on Christmas Day, 1946 in Pascagoula, Mississippi and grew up in Mobile and Fairhope, Alabama.  He credited his early years of playing and singing in the streets and bars of New Orleans and up and down the Gulf Coast with shaping his dedication to connecting with his audience and giving the customers a good show.

Click on the link below for an in-depth account of this Gulf Coast native's life.

https://rogersmovienation.com/jimmy buffett-singer-songwriter has died

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