NOTE:  There is handicap access to Pensacola Cinema Art  (PCA ) via ramps on both the North and South main entrances to the SCI Building.  You can enter the ground floor and go through the Atrium lobby and exit the main West entrance and take the raised sidewalk to our private exterior West entrance and then take our private elevator to our  3rd floor cinema room.  Please contact us in advance and we will be happy to assist you. 

NOTE:  There are also handicap bathrooms on the ground floor of the SCI Building between the Atrium and the main West entrance.  Parking is free to PCA customers in all of  the SCI parking lots.


Click on the Map Below for Location

Pensacola Cinema Art is located at 
(Former Sun Trust Bank Building)
220 W. Garden Street, Downtown Pensacola.
Triangle Office Complex (Southwest side of property)
3rd Floor Conference Room (Private elevator)
Private Entrance (West parking lot)