Pensacola Cinema Art

Where We Show

Art Films, Short Films, Documentaries,

And Other Interesting Cinema

at the

(Former Sun Trust Bank Building)
220 W. Garden Street
Triangle Office Complex

(Southwest side of property)
3rd Floor Conference Room

(Private elevator)
Private Entrance (West parking lot)

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Also Check Out the Rex Theatre in Downtown Pensacola.
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​​Pensacola Cinema Art
Where Admission is

Only $10.00

​for more information contact:
Jim Norton, 863- 446-7300

All tickets are available for purchase at the door 30 minutes prior to show.
We accept cash only / ATM nearby. 
Ticket Price only $10 for the movie! 
We are committed to bringing great films to Downtown Pensacola each week

We are located at STUDER COMMUNITY INSITUTE(Former Sun Trust Bank Building) 220 W. Garden Street (Downtown Pensacola)