In addition to our Streaming Service,​​​​​ Pensacola Cinema Art Theatre


is now Open.

Here are some things you need

to know for when you visit our Venue.

1.  Face Masks are required
2.  Social Distancing
3.  50% maximum seating capacity 
4.  Reserve seating by text, email,

or voicemail.


"Shiva Baby"

America's Best New Indie

Film Comedy

(At a Jewish funeral service with her parents, a college student runs into her sugar daddy)

Friday & Saturday, April 23/24

​$8.00 Admission

1:00 pm, the STUDER

2021 Oscar Short Films.

Click Below to Stream for $12.00:


Two Oscar Nominations,
Best Foreign  Film & Best Director.
Four high school teachers consume alcohol on a daily basis to see how it affects their social

 and professional lives.
​Available for Streaming:
 Ticket price is $12.00
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Available for streaming:
"The Father"
(Starring Anthony Hopkins)
6 Oscar Nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actor. 

(This is a household price for this new

first run Oscar Nominated film)
Stream the Movie :


Available for streaming:
(Indie Spirit Award  Nominee)
First run documentary about the

dogs of Istanbul, Turkey
Stream the Movie for $12.00:


Available for streaming:

"Two of Us" (Deux)
(Golden Globe Nominee,

Best Foreign Film,

France's Oscar Entry,

America's # 1 Foreign Film)

Nina and Madeleine have a deep and

passionate love for each other.

Ticket price is $12.00 
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​​​​​​​​​​Available for Streaming:


a series of 5 short films which are produced by women for International Women's Day.

Ticket price is $4.99

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​​Available for Streaming:

​Free !!!

SXSW Short Film

Festival 2021

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