In addition to our Streaming Service,​​​​​ Pensacola Cinema Art Theatre


is now Open.

Here are some things you need

to know for when you visit our Venue.

1.  Face Masks are required
2.  Social Distancing
3.  50% maximum seating capacity 
4.  Reserve seating by text, email,

or voicemail.


​​"Some Kind of Heaven"

the new documentary about

The Villages in Central Florida.

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Ticket price is $12.00 

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"The Reason I Jump"

Filmmaker Jerry Rothwell examines the lives of five young people who live with autism spectrum disorder.

Ticket price is $12.00
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"Shadow in the Cloud"

During World War II, Captain Maude Garrett

(CHLOË GRACE MORETZ) joins the all-male crew of a B-17 bomber with a top-secret package.

Ticket price is $12.00
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Available for streaming:
Journalists uncover health care fraud in the

wake of a deadly nightclub fire in

Bucharest, Romania, in 2015.

(Immediately following the film there will be a pre-recorded discussion between filmmaker Alexander Nanau and ROLLING STONE critic Kameron Austin Collins. This conversation is exclusive to virtual

cinema engagements)

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 Ticket price is $12.00
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An immersive portrait of one of the world’s most courageous human rights activists and political prisoners, Nasrin Sotoudeh, and of Iran’s remarkably resilient women’s rights movement.
 Ticket price is $12.00
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"Another Round"
Four high school teachers consume alcohol on a daily basis to see how it affects their social and professional lives.
 Ticket price is $12.00
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Review the

Top 20 films of the Year

by Indie Wire


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Accompanied only by her faithful dog and four camels, an Australian (Mia Wasikowska) satisfies her craving for solitude by embarking on a solo trip across the desert from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean. Also stars Adam Driver.

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"The Need to Grow"

Join in this exclusive free screening of

Rosario Dawson’s award-winning documentary

that many are calling the environmental film

the world has been waiting for.

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