The Pensacola Cinema Art Theatre

at THE STUDER/SCI Building

located at 220 W. Garden Street

in Downtown Pensacola, is now Open.

$10 cash donation for all films.

​Our next movies at

The STUDER will be:

"WHERE the


THURSDAY, Sept. 29 (one day only)

1:00 pm

(the story of Kya, an abandoned girl who

raised herself to adulthood in the dangerous marshlands of North Carolina)

and then


 (with Mel Brooks)

THURSDAY, Sept. 29 (one day only)

4:00 pm

(Before fast food we had something better. In this long awaited documentary, relive the phenomena of America's original and

most beloved restaurant chain)


(This film explores the life and music of Elvis Presley {Austin Butler}, seen through the prism

of his complicated relationship with his

enigmatic manager, Colonel Tom Parker,

played by Tom Hanks)
October 14 & 15 at 1:00 pm

Coming October 22 only


(As a serial killer stalks the city, Julia, a young actress who just moved to town with her boyfriend, notices a mysterious stranger watching her from across the street in this terrifying thriller)

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